Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Revenge story

There was a man named Dan he had a grudge on a man named Pete. Pete was the man that stole his life. How? Well it starts like this Dan and Pete were best friends from the start but when they started getting jobs things went wrong. When Dan got his job it was a good one a Facebook and he had a very nice house. While Dan got this job Pete had to work as a janitor and he lived in a poor cared apartment. Also Dan got his own sports car while Pete had to get a very cheap van. Pete got jealous of Dan and started to get really angry at him but Dan said he should work hard to get a better job. Pete got even angrier when he said that and said that he worked harder than him and Dan just got lucky to work at Facebook. Dan tried to calm down his friend but he just got madder. Eventually Pete got mad to the point where he left and tried to do some stuff to sabotage Dan. It went like this he made Dan lose his job by convincing the owner of the company to take him instead of Dan. Then he talked to the bank about Dan’s house and he told them that he was not giving them all the money he needed to give them and it worked. Pete also broke into Dan’s car and stole it without much trouble he also stole the papers and everything so he wasn’t accused of stealing Dan’s car and the car company will think that it is Pete’s car. After that Dan’s life was stolen from his best friend he lost his house, job, and car now he wants revenge against his former best friend for stealing his life.
So this is how Dan prepares to get his entire life back. First Dan got a lot of his friends to help him get his life back. This is Dan’s master plan he will get a lot of people to help him with a tournament with Peter so if Peter wins he gets to keep all of Dan’s stuff but if Dan wins he gets his life back. Dan went to Peter’s house and told him about everything and told him the bets so they both agreed on it and continued to do their things. Dan got his group of people their names are Christopher, Will, John, David, and Mary. The tournament can only have 6 people which will include Dan. The tournament consists of Volleyball, football, soccer, baseball, and ping pong. When Dan and his friends got the tournament ready Peter and his people came in.

Everybody was ready to do the tournament and they started to do the first thing Volleyball. It went like this Pete’s team won most of the points so it wasn’t looking good for Dan. But in the football part they did really good but then Dan got the winning point. After football it was soccer and Peter’s team decimated Dan’s team and they were losing 2-1. Dan started to panic so he told everyone on his team to do their best. So they did their best and won the baseball part but they were completely tired but good thing after that it is ping pong. Peter’s team got so confident that they started to slack and lost 5-1. Dan won he and his friends were very happy about winning and now Dan has his life back that was stolen from him. After that Peter was sad and they all went their ways.

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