Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Daddy the superhero

There was a man named Bob he became a superhero so he can help get rid of crime and start a new life. Bob’s superhero nickname was Daddy so whenever somebody needs help they yell Daddy!! The first thing he did was grab a cape and a mask to seal his identity but the outfit he wears can be anything for example he can wear a  rabbit costume, be in regular clothes, or he can be dressed as a clone trooper. So Bob can look ridiculous with the outfits he can wear. Well instead of coming to save someone with a regular outfit he wore the fat man costume and looked like he wasn’t even a superhero.
The first crime he saw was a lady’s purse being taken away from her so he ran he and told the robber to stop but he didn’t. Instead he just laughed at the costume and stole the purse. So Daddy(Bob) charged at the robber but he fell and rolled away from him and crushed the lady that was behind the robber. She was having a hard time to breath underneath the costume while Daddy was having a hard time to get up. After half an hour they were all fine except the robber stole the woman’s purse so she demanded that Daddy will give her money since he is a superhero. So instead of giving her money he ran away hoping she won’t chase him and ran as far as he can. Bob thought that being will make him money instead of taking it way.
Throughout a few years he had successfully and unsuccessfully completed jobs. On his failed jobs people didn’t want him to be a superhero while the successful wasn’t that big. It wasn’t big because it was most of the time people stealing food, bikes, and a couple of bucks. Also his outfits were crazy and it caused him to fail most of his jobs because he wore mostly costumes instead of wearing a daily superhero outfit. This caused many people to riot against him and caused him to go into hiding for a long time. That is the end of the story of Daddy.

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