Thursday, February 25, 2016

Old writing I did in 5th grade

I know that listening, learning, and remembering is the key to being successful in fifth grade. If you don’t do all of that in fifth grade you will not be successful and you might be held back in fifth grade. When you start doing all of that you can be successful in fifth grade and pass it and this will help you at other schools. This will help you at a lot of places because you will listen, learn it, and know what to do. Once you can do all of that you will be better at your jobs. When you combine all of those things together you can be better at almost everything. If you do the listening part you can be good at knowing what to do or to hear what it is important. It is very important to listen because you might not hear something you want to know or you can lose your job because you are not listening and you can be yelled at because you are not listening. If you get a promotion it is because you listen to your boss and it helps them with their assignment if they listen. When you can listen you can get a lot done than asking somebody what you can do. If you start learning you can get a promotion for what you done and you can start working faster because you learned the stuff you have to do and you can get smarter when you learn. If you don’t learn you can do stuff slower or if you can’t do your assignment it is because you didn’t learn anything about it. if you do stuff that is very hard for other people it is because you learned about it. This is when you start remembering when you remember you can know when to do the stuff you have to do or when not to do it the stuff. when you remember you can do lots of stuff that you can remember to do. If you don’t remember you can get a bad score on your test or you can forget to do something important. This is the three things you need to do to do to be successful in fifth grade.

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