Thursday, February 25, 2016

How the dinosaurs became extinct

This is what I think

The volcanoes caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.
I think that because lava flowed all over the earth so that burned a lot of the dinosaurs. Also the volcanoes erupted at the time of the dinosaurs because you can see dinosaur fossils inside of hardened lava. The lava flowed all over the earth so there shouldn’t be many places that don’t have any hardened lava rocks anywhere. Also there should be some fossils inside of those rocks.
Another thing is that there was a high amount of Iridium a rare metal found where the volcanoes were and where the lava flowed. That is because there is a lot of Iridium inside of the earth’s core that was spewed out of the volcanoes. It spreaded all over the place because the the volcanoes never stopped and the lava flowed almost everywhere.
The last thing is that there was a gradual decline in animal population which meant that the volcanoes happened because if the asteroid hit there would be a deep drop in animal population because asteroids are immediate while volcanoes and lava is slow. So the volcanoes eventually killed off most of the animals after it stopped.
This is what happened when the volcanoes happened. The volcanoes immediately started to burn down forests and burn the dinosaurs killing some of them that were in the area. Also gas was being spewed out because coal was heated and started releasing all of its gases (Carbon Dioxide) and that started to get into the air.
After a few million years there was global warming, warming up the oceans causing all the oxygen to go away and killing fish while the dinosaurs were suffocating from all the gases. Global warming also made bacteria grow because the hot oceans and the bacteria started to make sulfuric acid which is bad for everything. The sulfuric acid then became a gas and got into the air and poisoned the air and everything started suffocating.
This is how the volcanoes made the dinosaurs and many other things go extinct. Also this was called the K-T extinction one of the most recent mass extinctions.

Tell me what you think about this.

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