Monday, February 22, 2016

Baseball story

Sam was in the park playing baseball practicing pitching. Sam was throwing the ball at his friend Jordan the catcher in their team. He was throwing the balls in many different styles like the curveballs, fastballs, and changeups but he was throwing the balls way off into the side instead of his friend. Sam was practicing as hard as he can and Sam was the second pitcher for the team. When they were done practicing they both went home to eat and do other things.
The next day they had a baseball game, so all of Sam’s teammates went to the game. In the end of the game the pitcher that was playing for their team popped his arm so he had to be replaced. The coached ask who wants to be the pitcher and then
Sam yelled out “I do!” The coach told Sam that he needed more practice before he can start playing with them, but when the coach was talking
Sam interrupted and said “I can do it just trust me.” So the coach said yes after what
Sam said. Now Sam will be going to be pitching the balls to the other team now. Sam was getting ready to throw the ball when he noticed that he was throwing the ball to a really good player on the other team.
Then Sam panicked because there was a player on the third and second base and the score was 5-4 , so if they score two more time they will win or if they get one more point they will tie the game. When Sam was going to throw a change up at the batter he slipped and the ball went far to the left and there was the 1st ball. The crowd started roaring with cheering for Sam’s team and the other one. The crowd panicked Sam so the thing he did was throw a fastball at the batter then it worked and there was the 1st strike.
After that Sam became more confident and through another fastball but “Wham!” The ball went high into the air going towards one of Sam’s teammate and he caught the ball and the crowd was roaring with excitement because there was two outs, so they needed one more to win the game. When Sam was ready to throw the batter he was going to throw a changeup and it worked strike one. After that he throw a fastball but the batter hit it but it was a foul so it was strike two. Now Sam needs to throw one more strike so his friend Jordan gave him the sign to throw another fastball but Sam knew that his player knows how to hit a fastball so he was going to throw a curveball even though he didn’t practice curveballs that much. When he threw the ball the world seemed to be slowed around Sam and he thought that it was weird when he came back he threw the last strike and the crowed roared with happiness.
Sam’s teammates came up to Sam and carried him up cheering him because they won the game because of Sam. In the end his coach told Sam this “I am really proud of you for winning this game.” Sam was really happy after they won the game.

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