Friday, May 13, 2016

End of the school year!

I have just one more week of school after this post that I get out of school for summer break! I am very happy for this because I am going to do a lot of other stuff this summer. What about you guys?

Watch this little video clip I made.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Daddy the superhero

There was a man named Bob he became a superhero so he can help get rid of crime and start a new life. Bob’s superhero nickname was Daddy so whenever somebody needs help they yell Daddy!! The first thing he did was grab a cape and a mask to seal his identity but the outfit he wears can be anything for example he can wear a  rabbit costume, be in regular clothes, or he can be dressed as a clone trooper. So Bob can look ridiculous with the outfits he can wear. Well instead of coming to save someone with a regular outfit he wore the fat man costume and looked like he wasn’t even a superhero.
The first crime he saw was a lady’s purse being taken away from her so he ran he and told the robber to stop but he didn’t. Instead he just laughed at the costume and stole the purse. So Daddy(Bob) charged at the robber but he fell and rolled away from him and crushed the lady that was behind the robber. She was having a hard time to breath underneath the costume while Daddy was having a hard time to get up. After half an hour they were all fine except the robber stole the woman’s purse so she demanded that Daddy will give her money since he is a superhero. So instead of giving her money he ran away hoping she won’t chase him and ran as far as he can. Bob thought that being will make him money instead of taking it way.
Throughout a few years he had successfully and unsuccessfully completed jobs. On his failed jobs people didn’t want him to be a superhero while the successful wasn’t that big. It wasn’t big because it was most of the time people stealing food, bikes, and a couple of bucks. Also his outfits were crazy and it caused him to fail most of his jobs because he wore mostly costumes instead of wearing a daily superhero outfit. This caused many people to riot against him and caused him to go into hiding for a long time. That is the end of the story of Daddy.

Revenge story

There was a man named Dan he had a grudge on a man named Pete. Pete was the man that stole his life. How? Well it starts like this Dan and Pete were best friends from the start but when they started getting jobs things went wrong. When Dan got his job it was a good one a Facebook and he had a very nice house. While Dan got this job Pete had to work as a janitor and he lived in a poor cared apartment. Also Dan got his own sports car while Pete had to get a very cheap van. Pete got jealous of Dan and started to get really angry at him but Dan said he should work hard to get a better job. Pete got even angrier when he said that and said that he worked harder than him and Dan just got lucky to work at Facebook. Dan tried to calm down his friend but he just got madder. Eventually Pete got mad to the point where he left and tried to do some stuff to sabotage Dan. It went like this he made Dan lose his job by convincing the owner of the company to take him instead of Dan. Then he talked to the bank about Dan’s house and he told them that he was not giving them all the money he needed to give them and it worked. Pete also broke into Dan’s car and stole it without much trouble he also stole the papers and everything so he wasn’t accused of stealing Dan’s car and the car company will think that it is Pete’s car. After that Dan’s life was stolen from his best friend he lost his house, job, and car now he wants revenge against his former best friend for stealing his life.
So this is how Dan prepares to get his entire life back. First Dan got a lot of his friends to help him get his life back. This is Dan’s master plan he will get a lot of people to help him with a tournament with Peter so if Peter wins he gets to keep all of Dan’s stuff but if Dan wins he gets his life back. Dan went to Peter’s house and told him about everything and told him the bets so they both agreed on it and continued to do their things. Dan got his group of people their names are Christopher, Will, John, David, and Mary. The tournament can only have 6 people which will include Dan. The tournament consists of Volleyball, football, soccer, baseball, and ping pong. When Dan and his friends got the tournament ready Peter and his people came in.

Everybody was ready to do the tournament and they started to do the first thing Volleyball. It went like this Pete’s team won most of the points so it wasn’t looking good for Dan. But in the football part they did really good but then Dan got the winning point. After football it was soccer and Peter’s team decimated Dan’s team and they were losing 2-1. Dan started to panic so he told everyone on his team to do their best. So they did their best and won the baseball part but they were completely tired but good thing after that it is ping pong. Peter’s team got so confident that they started to slack and lost 5-1. Dan won he and his friends were very happy about winning and now Dan has his life back that was stolen from him. After that Peter was sad and they all went their ways.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Old writing I did in 5th grade

I know that listening, learning, and remembering is the key to being successful in fifth grade. If you don’t do all of that in fifth grade you will not be successful and you might be held back in fifth grade. When you start doing all of that you can be successful in fifth grade and pass it and this will help you at other schools. This will help you at a lot of places because you will listen, learn it, and know what to do. Once you can do all of that you will be better at your jobs. When you combine all of those things together you can be better at almost everything. If you do the listening part you can be good at knowing what to do or to hear what it is important. It is very important to listen because you might not hear something you want to know or you can lose your job because you are not listening and you can be yelled at because you are not listening. If you get a promotion it is because you listen to your boss and it helps them with their assignment if they listen. When you can listen you can get a lot done than asking somebody what you can do. If you start learning you can get a promotion for what you done and you can start working faster because you learned the stuff you have to do and you can get smarter when you learn. If you don’t learn you can do stuff slower or if you can’t do your assignment it is because you didn’t learn anything about it. if you do stuff that is very hard for other people it is because you learned about it. This is when you start remembering when you remember you can know when to do the stuff you have to do or when not to do it the stuff. when you remember you can do lots of stuff that you can remember to do. If you don’t remember you can get a bad score on your test or you can forget to do something important. This is the three things you need to do to do to be successful in fifth grade.

How the dinosaurs became extinct

This is what I think

The volcanoes caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.
I think that because lava flowed all over the earth so that burned a lot of the dinosaurs. Also the volcanoes erupted at the time of the dinosaurs because you can see dinosaur fossils inside of hardened lava. The lava flowed all over the earth so there shouldn’t be many places that don’t have any hardened lava rocks anywhere. Also there should be some fossils inside of those rocks.
Another thing is that there was a high amount of Iridium a rare metal found where the volcanoes were and where the lava flowed. That is because there is a lot of Iridium inside of the earth’s core that was spewed out of the volcanoes. It spreaded all over the place because the the volcanoes never stopped and the lava flowed almost everywhere.
The last thing is that there was a gradual decline in animal population which meant that the volcanoes happened because if the asteroid hit there would be a deep drop in animal population because asteroids are immediate while volcanoes and lava is slow. So the volcanoes eventually killed off most of the animals after it stopped.
This is what happened when the volcanoes happened. The volcanoes immediately started to burn down forests and burn the dinosaurs killing some of them that were in the area. Also gas was being spewed out because coal was heated and started releasing all of its gases (Carbon Dioxide) and that started to get into the air.
After a few million years there was global warming, warming up the oceans causing all the oxygen to go away and killing fish while the dinosaurs were suffocating from all the gases. Global warming also made bacteria grow because the hot oceans and the bacteria started to make sulfuric acid which is bad for everything. The sulfuric acid then became a gas and got into the air and poisoned the air and everything started suffocating.
This is how the volcanoes made the dinosaurs and many other things go extinct. Also this was called the K-T extinction one of the most recent mass extinctions.

Tell me what you think about this.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Baseball story

Sam was in the park playing baseball practicing pitching. Sam was throwing the ball at his friend Jordan the catcher in their team. He was throwing the balls in many different styles like the curveballs, fastballs, and changeups but he was throwing the balls way off into the side instead of his friend. Sam was practicing as hard as he can and Sam was the second pitcher for the team. When they were done practicing they both went home to eat and do other things.
The next day they had a baseball game, so all of Sam’s teammates went to the game. In the end of the game the pitcher that was playing for their team popped his arm so he had to be replaced. The coached ask who wants to be the pitcher and then
Sam yelled out “I do!” The coach told Sam that he needed more practice before he can start playing with them, but when the coach was talking
Sam interrupted and said “I can do it just trust me.” So the coach said yes after what
Sam said. Now Sam will be going to be pitching the balls to the other team now. Sam was getting ready to throw the ball when he noticed that he was throwing the ball to a really good player on the other team.
Then Sam panicked because there was a player on the third and second base and the score was 5-4 , so if they score two more time they will win or if they get one more point they will tie the game. When Sam was going to throw a change up at the batter he slipped and the ball went far to the left and there was the 1st ball. The crowd started roaring with cheering for Sam’s team and the other one. The crowd panicked Sam so the thing he did was throw a fastball at the batter then it worked and there was the 1st strike.
After that Sam became more confident and through another fastball but “Wham!” The ball went high into the air going towards one of Sam’s teammate and he caught the ball and the crowd was roaring with excitement because there was two outs, so they needed one more to win the game. When Sam was ready to throw the batter he was going to throw a changeup and it worked strike one. After that he throw a fastball but the batter hit it but it was a foul so it was strike two. Now Sam needs to throw one more strike so his friend Jordan gave him the sign to throw another fastball but Sam knew that his player knows how to hit a fastball so he was going to throw a curveball even though he didn’t practice curveballs that much. When he threw the ball the world seemed to be slowed around Sam and he thought that it was weird when he came back he threw the last strike and the crowed roared with happiness.
Sam’s teammates came up to Sam and carried him up cheering him because they won the game because of Sam. In the end his coach told Sam this “I am really proud of you for winning this game.” Sam was really happy after they won the game.